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3KB's Timetable for the Summer Term

Welcome to 3KB!


Important Information: 

  • PE kits need to be in school every day. PE days are normally Monday and Thursday, however with the cold and wet weather approaching outdoor PE days may change. 
  • Please can children bring a water bottle into school every day.
  • Reading journals and reading books need to be in school every day as teachers and teaching assistants regularly read with the children to check their progress. 
  • Please can all children's jumpers or cardigans be labelled clearly with their name. 
  • Homework is given out on Fridays and needs to be returned to school every Wednesday




This term we will be finishing our work on play scripts, and then moving on to learning to write persuasively. We will then go back in time to the Greek period, where we will explore Greek mythology, and write our very own Greek stories. These will be presented in our handmade pop-up books!

We will also continue to improve our grammar skills.

Here are your spellings for the Summer term:



In Maths this Summer we will be looking at the following topics:


-We will look at equivalent fractions with small denominators

-Add and subtract fractions

- Compare and order different fractions

-Solve problems involving fractions.



-We will understand angles as a property of a shape

-Understand and be able to use the terms greater than and less than when comparing angles to a right angle

-Identify vertical and horizontal lines, and use the terms perpendicular and parallel

-Make shapes using 3D modelling materials (including sweets and spaghetti!)



-We will measure, compare and add and subtract

-Problem solve, including missing number problems.



-We will be learning to interpret and present data using bar charts, pictograms and tables

-Solving one- step and two-step questions using information that is presented in scaled bar charts, pictograms and tables.


 At the end of Autumn and Spring term we tested our times table knowledge with a whole-school Mental Maths competition. Make sure that you keep continuing to learn your times tables at home, as there will be another competition for the trophy at the end of the Summer Term. 


Here are some websites that can help improve your recall:


Practice Telling the Time

Here are some websites that we have enjoyed using in class to help you learning to tell the time.




This term we will continue to receive homework every Friday, which needs to be returned to school completed every Wednesday (or earlier if completed!) There will be house points for homework handed in on-time. 

This will include:

- Spellings (with a weekly test every Wednesday)

- English 

- Mathswhich is often game-based, and always focused on a topic that we have been learning in class.

- Reading - the expectation is that we read for 5-10 minutes a day on our own or with an adult. We can read our school reading book, school library book or a book from home that challenges our reading ability.

Please remember to fill in your reading journal every time you read. 




This half term we will be learning about Light. By the end of the unit we should be able to:

- Recognise that we need light in order to see things, and that dark is the absence of light.

- Notice that light is reflected from surfaces.

- Explore shadows and explain how they are formed.

- Understand that the Sun can be dangerous and ways in which we can protect ourselves.

We will be doing lots of different experiments to test out ideas and improve our scientific vocabulary and understanding.


As a continuation of our learning last half term on 'Animals including Humans' we will be visiting Knowsley Safari Park where we will:

- Watch a sea lion show

- Feed the giraffes or the meerkats

- Learn more about vertebrates and invertebrates during our classroom session, where we will have a hands-on experience with some of the wildlife

-Be able to ask questions about birds during our 'Birds of Prey' talk with one of the Safari Park experts

- Explore all of the animals that are cared for in the Safari Park when we go on a coach tour (accompanied by our very own safari guide!)





This half term we will be learning about the Stone Age by: 

  • Using the Internet to explore the different periods within the Stone Age
  • Creating our own cave paintings using materials from the outdoor environment
  • Making our own Stone Age jewellery
  • Creating paintings with hand stencils to replicate the cave paintings found in caves in Europe
  • Using persuasive language to sell Stone Age homes
  • Tasting different foods that people during the Stone Age would have hunted or gathered
  • Stewing fruit
  • Learning what Skara Brae can teach us about the Stone Age.



During the Easter half term holidays Miss Birtles went on a French course in Carcassonne. She came back with lots of ideas to make our French lessons fun. We even have a new mascot in our class called La Loup (the wolf)! 



Jeu des 7 Familles

We will learn how to play this game very soon, but here are some flash cards to get you started. You all start with cards (normally around 4). Ask another person playing the game if they have someone from a particular family, e.g. Do you have grandma from the duck family? If they have the card you win this card. If they don't you need to pick up one card from the middle. The winner is the person with the most families at the end of the game. 


Jeu des 7 Familles - Print off the cards to play this game at home!

Jeu des 7 Familles - Euro 2016

Try to speak in French! 

For example: 

"Miss Birtles, dans la famille chien, je voudrais le fils".

Miss Birtles, in the dog family, I want the boy. 


If you do not have the card that you are being asked for say: 

"Pioche! Je ne l'ai pas!" 

Pick up a card from the centre - I don't have the card that you want. 



Recorders Club will continue every Tuesday lunchtime from 12:15-12:45pm in 3KB. I will meet you outside Mrs Brown's classroom when the buzzer goes for Y5 and 6 lunchtime. The first session back will be on Tuesday 25th April.

You are welcome to bring your own recorder if you wish, but I also have school ones which I can provide. If you could bring a plastic folder with you for your music that would be great!


Miss Birtles smiley




Sign language club will begin on Thursday 27th April in 3KB from 12:15-12:45pm. When the buzzer goes for Y5 and 6 lunches go to the red bars outside Mrs Brown's classroom and I will come and collect you.

This term we will be learning to sign lots of different songs and rhymes, having a competition to see who can use the sign language alphabet the quickest, and playing bingo and other fun games when we learn new vocabulary including colours, animals and family members!

I can't wait to teach you all!

Miss Birtles frown

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Useful Websites: 

Create your own superhero using: