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Welcome to 4JJ




Happy New Year 4JJ!

It's been a great first term in Year 4 and the new spring term will also be packed full of fun learning. We have so much in store for you including our annual performance which always provides us with extra opportunities to show case our talents.


We will be starting our new topic all about the Rainforests of the world.

Our newly transformed classroom will inspire us to journey through the many layers of these intrepid forests and research the animals that live there. We have an exciting trip to the recycling plant, where we will explore why recycling is important and how our actions impact on our world. Also we have a super World Book day to look forward to on 1st March.





We will be linking our learning of reading and writing to our topic this term, looking at stories from other cultures, poetry and explanation texts.  

Remember to KEEP reading 4JJ and log this in your reading journals

in order to earn those valuable house points!!!




In Maths we will look at number patterns, place value and extend our knowledge of decimals. We will develop our skills in the four rules of maths and  our understanding of how to apply these to real life problems.

We will continue to build on our times table knowledge and consider how this helps us with division. Our understanding of division will enable us to move our learning forward and consider fractions and how these are related to division when solving maths puzzles and problems.




                                                                                                            Image result for RAINFOREST    



Whether temperate or tropical, Rainforests are so amazing and beautiful. These incredible places cover only 6 %of the Earth's surface but yet they contain MORE THAN 1/2 of the world's plant and animal species! 



Image result for animals and their habitats ks2


In Science we will explore the animals of the Rainforest and how their habitat is under threat.




We are lucky to have the coach this term who will be encouraging us to develop our skills further. We will complete our swimming lessons and demonstrate our progress in the water!



Mrs Buckley will be teaching 4JJ on Tuesday and she has a variety of super topics to fascinate you all!!!

She will be teaching French, RE and PSHCE throughout the year so watch out for amazing facts, information and creativity!!!


smileyJust a few reminders:

  • frownFriday: Homework given out
  • surpriseWednesday : Reading journals and homework returned to school
  • laughMonday and  Tuesday : PE kit in school
  • cheekyOther weekly PE lessons can change, so please have kits in school all week
  • laughSwimming lessons on Wednesday : Costume, towel and hat in a swim bag please.
  • sadHealthy snacks for playtime!!!