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Welcome to the Computing Club page.  The Reception children have the opportunity to attend the club run by Mrs Tomlinson and Miss Thomson on a Thursday lunchtime from 12.30-1.00pm in RCT.



This half term Computing Club is working on the manipulation of images.  


Week 1 We learned how to find the camera APP on the ipads and how to take a photo or a selfie.  The children had lots of fun taking photos of themselves, their friends and us!


Week 2 We imported our photos into an APP called ifunface. We had to learn how to retrieve our photos from the camera roll.


Week 3 We learned how to use the ifunface APP to make parts of the photo move!  Some of us looked a lot like ventriloquist's dummies!! It really made us laugh...


Week 4 We used our moving photos and made them talk.  They sounded really funny and made us laugh even more than last week!


Week 5 We perfected the use of the APP, starting from the beginning; we took a photo of one of our friends, made their head move, made their mouths move and recorded ourselves speaking so that the photos could talk - it was lots of fun!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Last half term...

Week 1 - Programming Beebot

Week 2 - Bee-Bot on the ipads...not as easy as it looks

Week 2 - Bee-Bot on the ipads...not as easy as it looks 1