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Football (Y5 + Y6)

2015/2016 SEASON


Welcome to the online home of The Heyes Lane Football Academy. 


Training for the Year 5 and 6 boys and girls is currently under review due to poor light and weather conditions, but our weekly fixtures are still in place.


We currently have three teams entered in the Trafford League, with both teams progressing extremely well.

Upcoming Football Fixtures

Boys – Played at Timperley Sports Club (4.00pm – 5.15pm)

League 2

Tuesday 19th January
Tuesday 23rd February
Tuesday 15th March

League 1

Friday 22nd January
Friday 4th March
Friday 18th March

Girls - Played at Timperley Sports Club (4.00pm – 5.15pm)

Friday 29th January
Friday 5th February
Friday 11th March

Tournaments – Played at Altrincham Leisure Centre (1.00pm – 3.30pm)

Y6 Boys – Thursday 25thFeb

Y5 Boys – Thursday 10thMarch

Y5/6 Girls – Thursday 31stMarch


Lastest Boys’ Football League Results


Lost 0-2 vs Park Road
Won 2-1 vs
St Vincents A

Won 2-0 vs Navigation



Drew 1-1 vs Bollin B
Lost 2-1 vs Broadheath

Lost 3-0 vs Cloverlea


Lastest Girls’ Football League Results


Won 5-0 vs Stamford Park
Won 4-0 vs HLPS B

Lost 2-0 vs St Vincents A

Won 6-0 vs St Hughes

Won 2-1 vs Cloverlea
Won 7-0 vs St Vincents B
Won 4-0 vs Navigation


Lost 4-0 vs HLPS A

Drew 0-0 vs Stamford
Lost 3-0 vs Bollin
Lost 1-0 vs St Hughes

Lost 3-1 vs Navigation
Won 3-2 vs St Vincents

Boys' Results


Our boys remain undefeated with the league games getting underway very soon.

2014/2015 SEASON

***Breaking News***

Heyes Lane's Boys take the cup in the Trafford Inter-School Tournament.


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Fixtures 2014-2015


Matches will be played at Timperley Sports Club from 4-5.30pm and the leagues will commence straight away. 

Sept 19th - Boys A + B Football
Sept 26th - Girls A + B Football 

Oct 9th - Boys Wellington Tournament 
Oct 10th - Boys Football

Oct 16th - Girls Wellington Tournament
Oct 17th - Girls Football
Nov 7th - Boys Football
Nov 14th - Girls Football
Nov 21st - Boys Football

Nov 28th - Girls Football
Jan 16th - Boys Football
Jan 23th - Girls Football
Jan 30th - Boys Football
Feb 6th - Girls Football
Mar 13th - Boys Football
Mar 13th - Girls Football





Overall we have had an excellent season for all four of our teams this year. Both our A teams (boys and girls) narrowly missed out on challenging for league honours and finished 3rd and our B teams played brilliantly finishing in mid table positions. 


Mr Prest, Mr Wilson, Mr Kerr, Mrs Walker and the whole school are all very proud of the dedication, effort and skill you have put in this year. You have represented the school superbly.


Also, the teachers would like to thank all the parents for their generous support and assistance at matches and tournaments this year.



1.7.15 Boys Trafford Tournament 

A Team - Won the cup

B Team - Semi-finalists


24.6.15 Girls Trafford Tournament 

Fantastic performances from all three teams


1.4.15 Boys B League Matches

vs Broomwood lost 3-1


24.2.15 Boys B League Matches

vs Altrincham C of E lost 1-0

vs Willows lost 2-0

vs Forest Prep drew 1-1



10.2.15 Boys B League Matches


vs Elmridge Lost 1-0

vs Well Green Lost 4-3

vs Navigation Los 4-1


16.01.15 Boys A League Matches


vs St. Vincents Lost 2-3

vs Bollin won 1-0

vs Hale Prep Won 2-1


18.11.14 Boys B Friendlies


vs Cloverlea. Lost 6-1

vs Well green won 3-1

vs Altrincham C of E lost 2-1


14.11.14 - Girls League Matches


A Team


vs Well Green Won 2-1

vs St Hughes Lost 0-1

vs Alty C of E Drew 1-1


B Team


vs Navigation Lost 1-2

vs Well Green Lost 0-3



7.11.14 - Boys A Friendlies


vs Bowdon Won 3 - 1

vs Navigation Won 2 - 1

vs Park Road Won 7 - 1



17.10.14 - Girls League Matches


A Team


vs Broadheath Won 4-0

vs St Vincents Drew 0-0


B Team


vs Stamford Park Lost

vs St Hughes Lost

vs Broadheath Lost




16.10.14 - Girls A Wellington Tournament


vs Bollin Lost 3-0

vs Willows Won 1-0



vs Park Road won 2-1 (golden goal)



vs Bollin Lost 1-0





14.10.14 - Boys B Pre-league matches


vs Broadheath Won 3-0

vs Navigation  Draw 1-1

vs Broomwood Lost 4-3


09.10.14 - Boys A Wellington Tournament


vs Bowdon               0 - 0
vs Park Road            2 - 1
vs Altricham C of E  2 - 0

Semi final

vs Willows               1 - 0


vs Bollin                  0 - 0 (lost 4 - 3 on penalties)




Heyes Lane Girls A

vs Hale Prep  1 - 0
vs Willows     8 - 0
vs Bowdon    3 - 2

Heyes Lane Girls B

vs Forest School       0 - 3
vs Altricham C of E   0 - 3
vs Navigation Road  0 - 2





Heyes Lane Boys A


Played two won two


Heyes Lane Boys B


vs Cloverlea 0 - 2