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Learning Journeys


We are using Tapestry as our method of recording your child’s progress and development through the EYFS. Parents can have access to their child’s learning journey from home through the Tapestry website.  Please ensure you have given an accurate email address to Mrs Tomlinson in order for you to access Tapestry from home.  If you are having any difficulty with accessing Tapestry, please let us know.



You can send us observations from home through Tapestry.  An observation can consist of a photo or video and/or a comment on your child’s WOW moment.  WOW moments can include your child trying a new skill, mastering something they had previous difficulty with or using their school learning in the home.

You can help your child’s development at home by:


  • Joining the local library

  • Talking to your child about what they have been learning in school – encourage your child to speak clearly using full sentences

  • Using child scissors to cut up old magazines and newspapers

  • Encouraging your child to become more independent in their self-care, dressing and eating

  • Counting steps as you climb them; counting knifes and forks as you set the table; asking questions about how  many there would be if you had 1 more or 1 less.


    Sharing stories, looking at the pictures and discussing what is happening.


    We will upload more ideas for you throughout the term!




  • Every child must bring a coat to school

  • Please leave a spare set of clothes in the Nursery

  • We use our outdoor provision daily so wellies are essential!

  • Label everything with your child's name!

  • If your child’s dietary requirements change throughout the year, please let Nursery or Office staff know.

  • Our children love working in the creative workshop so donations of lids, boxes, bottles and tubes are gladly welcomed! 


For more information on EYFS and what your child is learning in our Nursery, there is lots of information available on Please feel free to talk to Nursery staff about any concerns or questions you may have about your child and their learning.