Amazing Manchester



A bespoke curriculum for Heyes Lane

An integrated study of the historical and geographical factors involved in making Manchester the city it is today and how these have changed overtime

We want our pupils to develop a strong sense of identity and pride in both our local community and beyond into our wonderful city of Manchester.

Although pupils will have an abundance of opportunities to recognise and embrace the many amazing facts and ….. of our diverse and important city through our broad and balanced curriculum content anyway, we wanted to further enhance this through a carefully designed and written mini curriculum tailored exactly to the pupils of Heyes Lane.

We start of course, in our local area of Timperley, moving into an appreciation of the wider Trafford picture and then into the wider position within Manchester itself and how Manchester sits geographically, economically and culturally within the UK, both in the past and now.

Our vision for Amazing Manchester is

  • To give our pupils an integrated study of local history and geography to create a sense of belonging and identity.
  • Enable our pupils to understand that historical and geographical aspects go hand in hand in shaping the city we know today.
  • To foster a sense of pride, ownership and care about being from Manchester and belonging.
  • To understand and appreciate the diversity of the city and to appreciate and care for those around them
  • To understand that inequalities have existed and continue to exist in life and to develop the motivation and tools to want to change this.
  • To design content to be highly integrated and bespoke to our immediate locality and wider locality.
    Timperley -> Trafford-> Greater Manchester-> Manchester City Centre->Manchester in a national context

Mini Curriculum

When implementing our mini curriculum, pupils take on a different exploration and understanding of the geographical and historical influences that have shaped community and city today.

Nursery and Reception look at how photographs of Timperley in the past and now can tell us what has changed. Y2 explore where our iconic bee emblem comes from and its origins within industrialisation.  

In Key Stage 2 the children begin to look at social change in history and particularly the suffragette movement, moving on to look at the sporting, media and cultural development over the decades in Manchester.