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Inclusion at Heyes Lane

At Heyes Lane, we strive to be a fully inclusive school, where all members of our school community feel supported, respected, valued and seen for who they are as individuals. We believe every child is unique and brings with them their own strengths, qualities and experiences that should be recognised, celebrated and supported.


We intentionally plan for the achievement and personal growth of all our children so that they progress and achieve their best possible outcomes. Through our high-quality first teaching and inclusive approach, all children access our immersive, creative and collaborative curriculum. This enables them to grow into resilient, caring, active citizens who are confident and secure in themselves and ready for the next stage in their education journey.

Parent/Carer Partnership


At Heyes Lane we believe a positive partnership between parents/carers and school is essential for our pupils to achieve their full potential.  We value your views and input in your child’s education and development.  Parents/Carers are always welcome and are actively encouraged to arrange meetings with class teachers, the SENCo and the SEN team to discuss their child’s support and progress at any point throughout the year.


Please see our Parent Partnership pages within the SEND Info section for further information.