Welcome to Heyes Lane Nursery

“Children learn as they play.  Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”
Fred Donaldson

Welcome to Heyes Lane Nursery, we are so excited to meet you!

Dear Nursery

We are so excited to meet you all and welcome you into your Nursery classroom.  Soon, we will all get to know each other and make lots of friends that we can share our learning experiences with.  Following our school rules, we will be learning how to be safe, respectful and hard-working while we are in Nursery.  We will be learning both indoors and outdoors to make sure that we are positive, active and creative learners, through lots of first-hand experiences and opportunities to investigate new toys and activities.  We will ‘grow our brains’ learning new skills and knowledge which we will build on as we move through school.  We know that throughout the year we will become more independent learners who are able to complete simple self-care skills for ourselves to ensure that we are ready to move through into Reception and continue our school life.

Throughout this year in Nursery we will be builders, artists, explorers, chefs, mathematicians and storytellers using all of our wonderful resources and areas of learning.  We all love stories and this year we will read some of our favourite stories to you; we will also be sharing some of your favourite stories too and we look forward to finding out what they are.  One of our favourite things to do in Nursery is sing! As well as singing songs for fun, we have lots of songs to teach you that will help you to learn about phonics and maths.  Cooking is also a favourite activity in Nursery and during the year we will make lots of different foods, linked to festivals and the wonderful world we live in.  Very soon, we will also be taking part in weekly Stretch and Grow lessons, these will develop our muscles and are so much fun!

We know that you will love your year in Nursery with us, and will be enthusiastic learners, enjoying all the learning opportunities that are on offer.  We can’t wait to meet you and start our learning journey together.


Mrs Tomlinson and Mrs Power

Meet the Team

Mrs Tomlinson

Mrs Power

Mrs Athanasopoulos

Meet our class mascots…

Rosie and Benjamin love spending time in our Reading area in Nursery.  They keep a watchful eye on all the children learning, and choose someone to come home with each Friday who has impressed them with their learning attitude or their knowledge and skills.

After a busy week in Nursery, Rosie and Benjamin love a quiet, simple life at the weekend, so they will be happy to fit in with your family routine and join in the fun!

Please upload some photos and give us a flavour of your weekend on Seesaw for us to share with all the nursery children in the classroom on their return each Monday.

Rosie Rabbit

Benjamin Bear

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What an adventure you are about to have… and we can’t wait to share it with you, your learning journey begins here!

Along with your mouse (and your parents), you will come to Nursery for the first time.  Together we will explore all the areas of provision (indoors and out) and begin to get to know each other.  During the first few weeks we will support you to settle into your new classroom and find out about all the exciting learning opportunities that you will have.  Over the first half term, as we get to know each other more, we will find out about all the things that you are good at, and we will work hard to support you in areas that you find more challenging.  We will learn about ourselves and our families and experience lots of exciting celebrations as we head towards Christmas. 

We will find out the answers to some questions such as:

Who am I?   I wonder why there are fireworks?    Why is the ground covered in leaves?


The adventure continues as we begin to learn about colour, light and dark.   We will find our ‘inner artist’ as we explore colours and learn how to mix them to make new colours ourselves – we will use these to create our own masterpieces!  We will be reading our favourite stories and pretending to be characters from the stories that we share.  As the weather improves, we will begin to develop our nursery garden and plant some seeds….I wonder what will grow? 

What colours can I make? Can I be an artist?  What do plants need to grow?

 …these are just some of the questions that we will be able to answer by the end of this term.


There are lots of different animals in the world, but where can we find them?  We will be learning about which animals live on farms, which wild animals we might be able to see in the zoo and which animals might live in our houses with us….if you could write to someone to ask for a pet what would you like it to be?  Our enquiry questions include:

Where do butterflies come from? Where do animals live?

As the term continues, we will be celebrating all the wonderful things that you can do, and we will find out about the ‘big wide world’ that exists outside of the nursery gates.  Where in the world would you like to go?  There are so many countries that we could learn about, but which countries are important to you and your family?  You will become a chef, preparing dishes from different countries to taste – you might even find out that you like something new!  We will explore the weather, language and landmarks of the countries that we learn about, we’ll even find out about the best way to get there…the world is our oyster!  We will ask:

How can I get there?  Are all countries the same?  Are all people the same? What is an island?

At the end of the summer term we will celebrate our year together and you will prepare to move into Reception to continue your learning journey…what an exciting time!

Curricululm Overview

Summative Assessments

In Nursery, we are continually making observations and informal assessments of the children to inform our future planning and ensure that progress is being made.  At the end of each term all children’s assessments are entered into INSIGHT, our online data tracking system, which allows us to track the progress of pupils across the year, this will inform our future planning to ensure that all children continue to make progress. 


We love to read in Nursery, and picking up a book to share is a highlight of our day!  Apart from the planned story sessions each day, adults are often found in our Reading area, surrounded by small groups of children who all love listening to stories.  Within each area of provision, there are opportunities to engage with different types of books and explore different themes and stories.  There are ‘breakout’ reading areas in our outdoor area, to allow children to enjoy books wherever they feel most comfortable.

If you don’t already have a story as part of your child’s bedtime routine, now is a good time to introduce this – what better way to end the day than snuggled up sharing a story together!


In Nursery, we teach the children how to listen to sounds, remember them and discriminate between them.  Throughout the year we work on listening and attention skills, keeping a steady beat, clapping rhythms, identifying rhyme and being able to hear sounds within words.  Our phonics sessions are practical, active and fun.  By the end of the year we will be consolidating the skills needed to orally blend and segment simple words, thus giving your children the foundations needed for continuing their phonics learning in Reception.

Helping your Child

Communication and Language is one of our prime areas for learning in Nursery and one of the most important things that you can do to help your child succeed in Nursery is talk to them…talk about everything you can see around you, introduce new vocabulary related to their interests and share books together, talking about what they can see in the pictures and what they have heard as you read. 

During the Nursery year, we will also send our Home Learning Bags home with your child.  These bags have been created to support children with their acquisition of core physical development, phonic and maths skills.  We would ask that you devote a short period of time, without any background distractions such as mobile phones and TVs, to completing the activities within the bags with your child.  If you have any questions about any of the activities please speak to a member of the nursery staff.

Links to Websites

There are many useful websites for parents of pre-school children, these are just a few that we feel might be of use to you:

The following videos will show you how to use the Phonic Playbags that your child will be bringing home.




Bear Hunt

Crazy Custard

Party Tea


Dance Time

Online safety tips for parents

BookTrust  – Tips for Reading with your child

We know that your child’s first experiences of school will shape their life-long love of learning, so our tailored transition process (Mouse Club) allows for you and your child to visit our school in the summer term prior to your child starting nursery and become familiar with the setting and the members of staff who will be working with your child, it continues into the Autumn term, ensuring that your child is happy and settled within our nursery class.

Throughout their time with us, our aim is for your child to grow and flourish into a positive, active and creative learner who is happy to explore and take risks while learning within the areas of provision.  They are supported in this aim by our nursery teacher Mrs Tomlinson and the nursery teaching assistant Mrs Power, who are both skilled EYFS practitioners.

In our Nursery class, the children are supported and encouraged to follow their natural desire to explore, investigate, make links and succeed in their endeavours to learn through play.  Throughout the year the children will learn about their local community, the environment and the world around them, our bespoke ‘Ethical and Active Citizens’ curriculum helps us to shape the children to become citizens of the future who will become active in looking after the world in which they live.  Our structured routine supports the children to become experiential and independent learners who are willing to ‘have a go’ and take risks within their learning.  Our Heyes Lane ‘Be The Best Me’ bespoke curriculum supports the children in understanding their feelings and beginning to be aware and understand the feelings of others.

Stories, songs and the opportunity to talk and develop key communication skills are key parts of our nursery day.  Early number sense is explored through the areas of provision and forms part of our daily routine throughout the sessions.  Our shared snack times allow the children time to develop their communication and language skills, while also developing their skills of independence and their ability to make choices.  Leadership skills are developed through our daily choice of V.I.P (special helper) who is instrumental in organising snack time.

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