School Uniform



School Uniform

Uniform is worn at Heyes Lane Primary School to develop a sense of pride in being a member of our very special school community. All of our pupils are required to wear full school uniform listed below and we ask that you help us maintain this high standard and ensure your child is appropriately dressed.


  • Grey skirt, pinafore, tailored uniform trousers or shorts
  • Maroon sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Light blue polo shirt
  • White or grey socks; thick black/grey tights
  • Black, sensible school shoes (not trainers, boots or open toed sandals)


  • A light blue and white checked school dress may be worn.


  • Plain white t-shirt (or the HLPS Branded shirt available from the school website)
  • Plain black shorts, black leggings or black tracksuit bottoms (not cycling shorts)
  • Plain black jumper (or the HLPS Branded Maroon top available from the school website)
  • Trainers (not boot type) or football boots (optional for outdoor games)

** Items embroidered with Heyes Lane are available to order on the school website – follow the Key Information link to the School Uniform Shop. Please label all items of school uniform and P.E. Kit


We strongly recommend that for your child’s safety and for security reasons, jewellery (including stud earrings) should not be worn in school. Ear piercing is, therefore, best carried out at the beginning of the summer holiday in order that stud earrings can be removed during the school day. A sensible wrist watch may be worn. All jewellery must be removed for P.E, games and swimming and staff cannot be responsible for its safe keeping.


The Governors require that children’s hair styles are tidy, conventional and look appropriate when worn with school uniform. Hair of shoulder length and longer must be tied back; this is especially important during P.E. lessons. Hair bands may be worn and these should be plain and self-coloured in black, maroon or light blue; maximum width five centimetres. The exception to this would be if hair or head gear is worn in a particular way for religious or cultural reasons. Parents are welcome to discuss such issues with the Headteacher.


All the money raised from the sale of pre-loved uniform goes directly to Heyes Lane PTA.

Uniform has been checked for quality, de-labelled and stored in quarantine. It was requested that items were washed prior to donating to school, it is up to you whether you wish to re-wash it before wearing.

Thank you, Heyes Lane PTA