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The Sunshine Room

The Sunshine Room


After the infinite number of changes and upheavals experienced during the pandemic, it was no surprise to us upon returning to school that a number of our pupils had been affected significantly, either emotionally, or academically.


The Sunshine Room was created in September 2021, as a designated space for our younger pupils who were finding the transition back to school particularly difficult. It was clear that a quieter, more relaxed space was needed for certain children to step out of the classroom if they felt overwhelmed. With the help of our pupils, we gathered ideas about what such a room would look like and decided on the following:

“A big space to work at so that I don’t get as distracted.”


“Comfy chairs and beanbags so I can lie down if I am a bit tired and need rest.”


“A snack station. If I am hungry, my brain doesn’t work as well.”


“Lots and lots of books to read!”


“A calm down corner just for me if I need to be alone for a bit.”


The impact of this room has been significant. Children who have previously found coming into school tricky, are now enthusiastic and positive with the reassurance that they can start their day in The Sunshine Room if they need to, before joining back with their classmates once they feel better. If something happens during the day and someone needs to have a break, or a quiet time to rest or read a book, they can visit The Sunshine Room. The children voted to call it ‘The Sunshine Room’  because it is a “bright, happy place.”


The Room is also timetabled out during certain afternoon sessions for academic support too. As a quiet, welcoming nurture classroom, some of our less confident pupils have really blossomed with the support of a higher adult to pupil ratio, and have been able to benefit from opportunities to revisit and consolidate their earlier learning.


We believe in intentionally planning for the success of all our pupils, and taking all the steps needed to ensure the well-being or our children. Offering them a designated nurture space is part of our promise to look after and help them in any way we can to achieve their full potential.

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