Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Here at Heyes Lane we believe in ‘can do’
We believe in us and we believe in you.
We believe in dreaming and reaching for the stars
We believe in all students, that they can go far.

Here in year 2, we celebrate success
We encourage high standards, we aim for our best
We give out awards, stickers and praise
We plan for you all to get the most from our days

We’ve had a tough time, it’s time for a new chapter
One filled with learning, with fun, pride and laughter.

We’ll relaunch our assemblies
We invest time in sharing
We are positive, active,
Creative and caring

We’ll reflect on our journey
To help plan our next steps
We’ll start this New Year
We’ll refresh our mind-sets

Adventurers, historians, scientists and more
The whole world is ours, ready to explore.

We’ll be a risk taking, world changing, responsible crusade
That join up together to see the difference we’ll have made
In ourselves, in our class, in our home, at Heyes Lane
In our community, our world, we can all make a change.

Meet the Team

Mrs Brown
Lead Teacher

Mrs Sambrook
Teaching Assistant

Miss Schofield

Mrs Johnson
Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gourlay

Miss Howarth

Mrs Hey
Teaching Assistant



Would you like to be an explorer? Have you ever wanted to visit exciting, faraway lands and go on epic adventures?
Well, welcome to Year 2. You will start your Year 2 journey by learning how to become a fully qualified explorer by undertaking our skills-based training programme. Collect stars as you complete the skills and gather the knowledge needed to be a fully-fledged explorer. In Geography, you will build on your Year 1 knowledge about our World, recapping the different continents and oceans you might travel across. In History, travel back in time to meet significant explorers of the past and be inspired – what can we learn from Amelia Earheart and Neil Armstrong, to name but two?
You will read wild stories, study and label maps and investigate climates and habitats across the globe. In DT you will design and build your own model sailing boat, using your Scientific knowledge of materials to help guide you. Will your boat be sea-worthy?
In P.E., learn how to walk like an astronaut and build your fitness skills ready for the adventures that await you!
We finish our topic with a graduation ceremony where each Explorer receives their own certificate of achievement to celebrate their hard work and success. Congratulations!

As the nights grow darker and we enter November, we travel back to the 1600s. Why do we Remember Remember the 5th of November? We meet Guy Fawkes and his infamous friends –what really happened on that fateful night?
Continuing on a fiery and warm theme, we turn to a significant event in British History: The Great Fire of London. We begin with a lovely little visit to our in-school Pudding Lane Bakery where we bake cakes and a class loaf of bread (and remember to turn the oven off!) Children will turn detective to investigate the series of events and decisions that led to the destruction of our capital city. Why did it last so long? Who was to blame? How have we learned from this and what legacy did it leave behind? As Historians, we look at a range of sources to help us answer all our burning questions.
We will create works of Art inspired by David Best and learn an assortment of songs featuring a Spanish version of London’s Burning and a water xylophone. We finish our unit by sharing all our wonderful learning with our friends in our weekly Celebration Assembly.

This brings us right up to Christmas, finishing with sparkles and glitter and a cup of good cheer.    


In the Spring Term, we embark on another journey to a different part of the globe to learn all about AFRICA. We fully immerse ourselves in this topic by experiencing as many aspects as we can of the African Culture. We try different types of food. We listen, learn and dance to traditional African songs and music. We look at and share lots of traditional African stories and fables. We look forward to sharing all this with you at our African Showcase.

Following on from this, our next topic is ‘Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds’ where we put on our ‘scientists’ hats. We believe that all children need to know and understand the importance of how to look after both their physical and mental health. We begin by identifying and talking about food groups and how to eat healthily. In Computing, we research where different foods come from and their individual benefits. Our minds need to be healthy too! So, we learn and practise mindfulness techniques and learn to share and talk about how we are feeling. One thing we will focus on, is the importance of self-esteem and how to recognise our many strengths. Once we are expert nutritionists, you will be invited to join us and visit our ‘Healthy Eating Café’ where you will be able to buy and try some healthy snacks that we have prepared and maybe practise some of our mindfulness techniques too.


With the summer sun, we want to get outside. This term, children will ‘Buzz for bees’ and become eager botanists and celebrate Active Citizenship. We revisit year 1 learning about plants and then build on this further to plan and develop our own wild gardens at Heyes Lane. Through learning about the importance and process of bees and pollination we will campaign to make pledges with our families and communities to make a difference and protect the bee population. We make links with and learn about the symbolism of the bee and the significance of this within our wider community of Manchester. We finish the year with a whole year group production to celebrate our final topic.

Curricululm Overview

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We LOVE reading in year 2! There will be lots of opportunities to read in your time in year 2. We will have a class book that we share each day, you can visit the class reading garden which will be full of a variety of exciting texts to read, and in our English lessons we will be focussing on different books for different topics. Everyone will have a reading record and a home reading book to take home, we would love it if you could read a little bit each evening at home.


PE will be on a Monday afternoon in the Autumn Term. Please come to school on a Monday in your appropriate NAMED PE kit, please wear black shorts/skirt and a plain white T shirt and a black jacket for colder weather. There will be 3 activities covered each afternoon, one with each Year 2 Teacher.

Our PE day may change as the year progresses; we will let you know in our weekly homework letter if it does.


We will start with our topic of ‘Explorers and Adventurers’. You will be in training to become a fully qualified explorer! We will learn about different parts of the world, forms of transport and how they have changed, how animals adapt to their habitats and how explorers plan their adventures.

During the rest of your time in year 2 you will become super historians and scientists, exploring our topics of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, The Great Fire of London, Amazing Africa and Buzz for Bees, all about our very own city of Manchester. Exciting learning awaits in Year 2!

Homework and Spellings

This year, you will receive a weekly letter telling you all about what we have learned that week in class and what we would like you to do for homework. Homework books and letters will be sent home each Friday and we would like you to return them to your class teacher by the following Wednesday please.

Spellings will be set as weekly assignments and games for you to practise on Spelling Shed, where you will have your own safe login.

Here is our weekly timetable. It may change from week to week.

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