Medical Needs



Pupils with Medical Needs

Long-Term Needs

In order to support our pupils with long-term medical needs in school, an Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP) is completed. The aim of these plans is to ensure information is easily and effectively communicated across the school and to put in place any necessary steps to ensure your child’s health and safety.

Pupils with long-term medical needs are defined by one, or more, of the following criteria:

1) The medical condition affects their participation in school activities.
2) The pupil is required to take medication in school for their condition.
3) The pupil requires extra care and support for their medical condition.
4) The pupil may have periods of absence from school due to their medical condition.
5) The medical condition has the potential to be life threatening.
If your child is new to the school or has a new long-term medical need, please contact the school office.

Short-Term Needs

Pupils who need medication administering in school for short-term medical needs, such as paracetamol or antibiotics, do not need an IHP, but a Short-Term Medicines form must to be completed by parents/carers.

All medicines must be brought to the School Office and handed over with the completed form, please do not send your child into school with any form of medication in their bag.

Pupils with Asthma

Pupils with asthma require an Asthma Card to be completed by parents/carers and an inhaler in school. Asthma Cards are sent to all parents and carers of our known pupils with asthma.

If your child has developed asthma recently, or your child is new to Heyes Lane and has asthma, please contact the school office.


If you are aware of an allergy that your child has, please contact the school office immediately to ensure staff are aware of this medical information and take appropriate care and precaution.

Please remember, allergies and tolerances are very different. If there are any specific dietary requirements, please inform the school office or your child’s class teacher as soon as possible.

Children who require the use of an Epi Pen in an emergency must have TWO, IN DATE Epi Pens in school at all times and must have a IHP, as outlined in the above section about long-term needs.