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Welcome to our Board of Governors

Mr A Allen, Chair of Governors


I became a Parent Governor at Heyes Lane in July 2019. My responsibilities include being a member of the Curriculum committee, and joint chair of the Finance & Premises committee as well as being the Link Governor for Health & Safety. I have two sons, one of whom is in year 5 and the other in year 1 at Heyes Lane. I bring experience through working in nuclear engineering of delivery of projects, studies and tasks; evaluating performance metrics and risk management; production and delivery of site strategies, including supporting analysis. I am passionate about encouraging children to consider careers in the STEM subjects. I am keen to ensure that the teaching and school environment is the best it can be within the resource constraints and seeking the best outcomes for the children and staff at the school

Category of Governor: Parent
Current term of Office: 22/07/2023 – 21/07/2027
Committees: Finance and Premises, Curriculum, Staffing, Headteacher's Perfomrnance Management, Pay Review 

Link Governor: Health and Safety

Ms C Bibby, Staff Governor


I am employed by Heyes Lane Primary School as Year Group Lead of Year 3, as well as lead of Science across school. I have been a member of the HLPS staff since 2019, and a qualified teacher since 2014.

I am passionate about delivering high quality teaching across the curriculum, with a particular interest in reading for pleasure. I have run a variety of extra-curricular clubs around science and reading in my time at Heyes Lane. I am looking forward to helping the school develop and improve further over the next four years.

Category of Governor: Staff
Current term of Office: 24/06/2021 – 23/06/2025
Committees: Curriculum
Link Governor: Stakeholder Engagement


Mrs l hannent, parent Governor

I became a Parent Governor at Heyes Lane in September 2023. With two children currently in Year 1 and Year 3, I see their enthusiasm for school on a daily basis and the progress they make in its inclusive and caring environment. As a primary school teacher for 16 years, specialising in KS1 and holding leadership roles, I'm eager to apply my expertise to support the staff and pupils at Heyes Lane. My passion lies in fostering an enriching and inspiring curriculum that promotes a healthy mindset for both staff and children.

Category of Governor: Co-Opted
Current term of Office: 18/09/2023 – 17/09/22027
Committees: Curriculum
Link Governor: Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mr P RILEY, Parent Governor

I became Parent Governor at Heyes Lane Primary in September 2023.

I have two daughters that attend Heyes Lane and I’m very motivated to assist the school in maintaining and developing its high standards in terms of academic, social and emotional progress of pupils.

I run a specialist educational training centre that provides vocational training and core subject support for secondary aged learners. I bring experience in SEND, safeguarding and creating nurturing environments where young people can thrive.

I’m looking forward to helping assist the development of curriculum, safeguarding and the SEND provision at Heyes Lane.

Category of Governor: Parent
Current term of Office: 18/09/2023 – 17/09/2027
Committees: Curriculum
Link Governor: Safeguarding and SEND


Mr J Pattison, Co-opted Governor

I joined the Board of Governors as a Co-opted Governor in September 2019. I am looking forward to being involved with the governing body and helping the school to continue to improve.

I have two children at the school and feel passionately about it: Heyes Lane is a wonderful school, where the happiness and welfare of the children is paramount. Indeed, our children very much enjoy attending Heyes Lane and take great pride in their school.

I am a Professor of International Politics at the University of Manchester and have over 15 years’ experience of working in the education sector. At Manchester, I’m currently part of the Leadership Team for the Department of Politics and serve as the Director of  Research. I have also previously served as the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Politics and the Director for the Masters in Human Rights.

I am currently co-chair of the Finance & Premises Committee at Heyes Lane Primary  School. 

Category of Governor: Co-Opted
Current term of Office: 12/09/2023 – 11/09/2027
Committees: Finance and Premises, Curriculum
Link Governors: School Improvement and Governance

MS H CHAMPION, Co-opted Governor

I joined the board of governors at Heyes Lane as a Co-Opted Governor in November 2022. My current responsibilities include being a member of the Finance and Premises committee, with the hope of expanding my duties as my term goes forward.

I currently work as a Commercial Category Manager at the Department for Education, with my previous roles being in Procurement for the NHS. My roles to date have provided me with commercial knowledge and skills such as government policies, public sector procurements and funding, risk management, data analysis, communications, finance, and stakeholder management.

I am also passionate about improving mental health and wellbeing, reducing bullying, harassment, and discrimination, and increasing diversity representation. I am a trained Mental Health First Aider, volunteer in the bullying, harassment, and discrimination strand and am a member of the Women’s Network committee in my workplace. These roles allow me to have experience in running events, improving communications, raising awareness and more when it comes to wellbeing and equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Working for the Department for Education has given me a passion for improving education for students, and becoming a Governor at Heyes Lane has allowed me to utilise that passion to assist the school in developing and improving to help achieve its vision.

Category of Governor: Co-opted Governor
Current term of Office: 28/11/2022 – 27/11/2026
Committees: Finance & Premises

LUCAS Claire photo

Mrs C Lucas, Co-opted Governor

I am a co-opted governor and joined the board of governors in November 2022. My background is in finance as a chartered accountant and I have spent most of my career in the public sector, working in the regulation of both social housing and healthcare providers. I’m looking forward to supporting Heyes Lane to continue to improve and ensure that pupils can thrive at school.


Category of Governor: Co-opted
Current term of Office: 28/11/2022 – 27/11/2026
Committees: Finance and Premises, Staffing, Headteacher's Performance Management, Pay Review

Mr d hope, Co-opted Governor

I joined the board of governors, initially as a parent governor, in 2011 and greatly enjoy the experience of being part of a proactive governing body which helps shape the school’s development in a rapidly changing and challenging environment.  I have am currently the Vice Chair of the board of governors having previously chaired the Curriculum Committee.

I am a civil servant and have experience of the challenges involved in working to provide key public services at a time of restricted budgets. My professional background has principally been concerned with the investigation of malpractice, fraud and misconduct by companies and their directors. This provides me with a broad understanding of different business types, including large and complex businesses, together with extensive experience of identifying fraud and mismanagement of resources – all of which are useful skills to assist in the governance of a large school such as Heyes Lane.

My daughter is a former pupil at Heyes Lane who now attends a local secondary school, having completed Year 6 in 2016.  It was a pleasure watching her flourish and develop under the guidance of the school’s teachers, leadership team and support staff.  Whilst I no longer have a child in attendance at Heyes Lane, I continue to live close to the school and am keen to ensure that it remains a vibrant and successful school at the heart of my local community. I am therefore committed to supporting the school’s leadership team and staff in developing and improving the school for the benefit of all its current and future pupils.

Category of Governor: Co-opted
Current term of Office: 01/09/2023 – 31/08/2027
Committees: Curriculum, Staffing, eadteacher's Performance Management, Pay Review
Link Governor: School Improvement

David Hope - Co-opted Governor
Current Governors Title Term of Office Business Interests No. of Committee Meetings attended
Attendance at GB Meetings 2022-23
Ms S Foord Headteacher 01/09/2017 None 9 4
Mr A Allen Chair of Governors 22/07/2023 – 21/07/2027 Sellafield Ltd 9 4
Mr D Hope Vice-Chair of Governors 01/09/2023 – 31/08/2027 None 7 3
Mr A Prest Assistant headteacher (observer)   None 4 2
Ms H Champion Co-Opted 28/11/2022 – 27/11/2026 None 2 3
Mrs C Lucas Co-Opted 28/11/2022 – 27/11/2026 Spouse employee for DfE 2 3
Mrs A Khan Co-Opted 28/11/2022 – 27/11/2023 None 0 2
Mrs L Powell Co-Opted 26/06/2019 – 25/06/2023 None 4 3
Mr O Gover Co-Opted 12/09/2019 – 11/09/2023 Accelya UK 3 3
Mr J Pattison Co-Opted 12/09/2023 – 11/09/2027 None 3 3
Mrs L Hannent Parent Governor 18/09/2023 – 17/09/2027 None
Mr P Riley Parent Governor 18/09/2023 - 17/09/2027 None    
Mrs S Wilkins Parent Governor 22/07/2019 – 21/07/2023 Associate Gov at Oughtrington CP School 2 3
Ms C Bibby Staff 24/06/2021 – 23/06/2025 None 2 4
Mrs S Harkin Deputy Headteacher (Observer) 06/04/2021 – 05/04/2025 None 6 2
Mrs W Brown Assistant Headteacher (Observer) 06/04/2021 – 05/04/2025 None 1 4
Mrs D Clark School Business Manager 01/09/2015 None 6 4