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School Readiness


I can:

  • Recognise at least the first letter of my name.
  • pull down my pants and sit on the toilet
  • wipe my own bottom
  • wash my hands and dry them
  • put my coat on (with help)
  • put my own shoes on

I like to:

  • share stories
  • play with toys
  • explore new things


Is your child ready for Reception?


A grey skirt/trousers/shorts
A blue polo neck top
A maroon jumper/cardigan
School shoes your child can get on and off themselves
Summer dress

PE Kit

White t-shirt
Black shorts
Black pumps


Wellies (these stay in school)
Waterproof coat

Please make sure that ALL items are named

Here are some ideas of things we would like your child to be able to do before they start with us in Reception.

I can…

  • recognise my name
  • write the first letter of my name
  • copy my name
  • write my name
  • hold my pencil carefully
  • name the colours I use
  • attempt to get myself dressed and undressed
  • find my coat
  • put my arms in my coat
  • try and zip up my coat

I can…

  • count from 1 to 1
  • recognise some numbers
  • recognise spot patterns on a dice
  • recognise some common 2D shapes
  • tidy away my toys
  • say please when I ask
  • say thank you when I get
  • go to the toilet when I need to
  • wipe/clean myself when I’ve been to the toilet
  • eat with a knife and fork

I can…

  • walk up and down stairs using the handrail
  • recognise my name
  • walk up and down stairs using the handrail
  • take turns when playing
  • share toys with a friend
  • sing simple rhymes
  • tap a beat
  • move to music