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Our Framework

Ethical and Active Citizens

We champion individuality and personal growth, promote a culture of achievement beyond the academic, design our curriculum so that the learner’s will have an abundance of opportunities to develop their character, become increasingly intelligent socially and emotionally and develop strong healthy relationships.

We believe a focus on these aspects and the presence of our Ethical and Active Citizens programme, that we will have played a significant part in contributing to happy, successful and memorable childhoods.

Our pupils will are prepared to embark on the next stage of their journey – they will think intuitively and flexibly, be imaginative and innovative, communicate well and be able to work as part of a team. They will be responsible citizens, empowered learners and self-confident and proud in who they are. Together with their academic achievements, we believe these are the life skills and capital that will open doors for them and set them on the best possible track for self-fulfilment and happiness.

Well Being and Personal Development

We think of our Well Being and Personal Development framework as an integrated model. It incorporates all of the pastoral, socio-emotional, personal growth and behavioural aspects seen below. We have woven these aspects throughout our entire curriculum.

Further information about each of the aspects can be find through on the following pages and links: